Cultivate a deep desire for God and God’s presence by regularly expressing praise, admiration, and thankfulness to God in personal and corporate worship

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Signs You're Living It Out

  • A growing longing for the presence of God
  • Increased thoughts of God throughout one’s day
  • Increased self-control as lesser desires are seen for what they truly are and are not
  • The presence of joy and peace despite challenging circumstances

Spiritual Fitness Check

Sign Up for a free account to take a baseline Spiritual Fitness Check to find your starting point for the Relate to God outcome.

 Core Training

These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this spiritual outcome. Track your progress by checking off resources as you go.


Bible Study

This bible study gives a holistic look through Scripture at the Worship God outcome. Engage thought provoking questions for individual reflection and then discuss them in your Life Group or Spiritual Running Partner relationships.


Worship God

More…I want more. More of what? I don’t know. You don’t know? I don’t know. I just want more. How can you want more when you don’t know what it is you want more of? I don’t know. You just want more? That’s... Read More


Worship God

We’re tired of plastic religiosity. We are after the real thing and if the real thing is genuinely available we’ll drink deeply. This application exercise is a soul-satisfying experience if you want more of the real thing.... Read More


These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this spiritual outcome.

Psalm 27:4 One thing I ask from the Lord, ...

Hebrews 12:28 Therefore, since we are receiving...

Read Passages

by Northpoint
Take the Sacred Pathways assessment. Then, plan three activities or excursions to worship God -- plan one activity that feels very natural to you - something you've done before, one activity that scored high on the assessment... Read More
by Ted Beasley
Sit back and listen to this message from the Gateway archive as a child would listen to a story. Ted tells the story of David & the Ark from 1 Corinthians 15. Realize that worship requires effort & sacrifice, and it has an object: God. (This message may be especially relatable for people who... Read More
by Rick Shurtz
Rick Shurtz explains true Biblical worship requires more than three songs, for nine minutes, on Sunday morning. So what is it?
by Louie Giglio
We are all worshipers... of something. We each have a place of worship: the church on the corner, the office, before the mirror, or on the basketball couty. We were created to worship, and naturally find a place to do it. But, to worship anything less than God robs both Him and us. In this book, Louie... Read More