Identify, develop, and deploy one’s spiritual gifts for the good of others in and through the body of Christ

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Signs You're Living It Out

  • Is aware of one’s spiritual gifts
  • Is developing and maturing one’s spiritual gifts
  • Knows the strengths and weaknesses associated with one’s spiritual gifts
  • Is aware of the spiritual gifts of those with whom they are engaged in the body of Christ

Spiritual Fitness Check

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 Core Training

These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this spiritual outcome. Track your progress by checking off resources as you go.


Bible Study

This bible study gives a holistic look through Scripture at the Spiritual Gifts outcome. Engage thought provoking questions for individual reflection and then discuss them in your Life Group or Spiritual Running Partner relationships.


Spiritual Gifts

Let’s be honest. Some parts of Scripture are very, very boring. But then there are those moments. These are the moments when we are sifting through a passage, and although the passage is admittedly dry, something catches... Read More


Spiritual Gifts

We’re tired of plastic religiosity. We are after the real thing and if the real thing is genuinely available we’ll drink deeply. This morph me exercise is a soul-satisfying experience if you want more of the real thing.... Read More


These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this spiritual outcome.
Take a spiritual gift assessment to find out which gifts you show a propensity toward and to learn more about each gift. Consider taking this assessment online. This is a simplistic way to begin understanding your gifts. To get a more full understanding keep trying various ministry roles, get feedback... Read More
by Bruce L. Bugbee
God has created you to be both fulfilled and fruitful in a meaningful place of service. You can discover your God-given design and the role he created for you in and through the local church. Bruce Bugbee helps you identify your God-given spiritual gifts, personal style, and ministry passion. And he... Read More
by John Ortberg
Gifted--that’s you! Uniquely equipped to help build up the body of Christ. As a follower of Jesus, serving others is an integral part of your identity and an important key to your personal growth. But how do you cultivate a servant’s heart and your spiritual gifts in ways that build up your church,... Read More
by Ted Beasley
Each person in the church is a part of a whole community full of individual gifts working together as one body. What is your gifting from God? What are you doing with it?
by Gateway Church
Ask each person in your Life Group, Spiritual Running Partners, or at least 5 other growing Christ-followers what his or her spiritual gifts are. Ask them how they discovered this/these gifts about themselves. Then, ask that person what spiritual gifts he or she thinks you have and why.

1 Corinthians 12:7 A spiritual gift is given to each...

1 Peter 4:10 God has given each of you a gift...

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