Embrace, enjoy, and live out of one’s true identity in Christ, combating lies of the enemy with God’s truth and God’s power

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Signs You're Living It Out

  • Knows and confidently claims Scripture’s teachings on one’s identity in Christ
  • Is aware of personal points of vulnerability to the enemy’s lies and knows the truths that correct these lies
  • Has a growing ability to help others identify lies about themselves and is able to point them to Scripture’s truths that correct these lies
  • The conviction that one can and will live differently because of the work Christ has done in one’s life

Spiritual Fitness Check

Sign Up for a free account to take a baseline Spiritual Fitness Check to find your starting point for the Relate to God outcome.

 Core Training

These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this spiritual outcome. Track your progress by checking off resources as you go.


Bible Study

This bible study gives a holistic look through Scripture at the New Creation outcome. Engage thought provoking questions for individual reflection and then discuss them in your Life Group or Spiritual Running Partner relationships.


New Creation

Let’s talk reality. We’re not into pretending to be something we’re not. We’re not into conformity. We’re not into acting as if we want to live a certain way, but internally wishing to live otherwise. We loathe... Read More


New Creation

We’re tired of plastic religiosity. We are after the real thing and if the real thing is genuinely available we’ll drink deeply. This morph me exercise is a soul-satisfying experience if you want more of the real thing.... Read More


Letter from God

This is a group exercise where group members will answer a set of questions from God's perspective. This is a powerful way to end the New Creation (Identity) Outcome.


These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this spiritual outcome.
by Gateway Church
Out with the Old
Look for a tangible object around you that reminds you of your old self, before you trusted Jesus and started following him. It might be a shot glass that reminds you of the days when you mostly lived to party. It might be an old shirt left at your place by a long-ago boyfriend,... Read More
by Rick Shurtz
ME 2.0: Rick Shurtz talks about how to live fully and passionately after dying to your old self, being reborn, and about what Scripture says about change.
by Brennan Manning
Many Christians feel broken and angry but don't think they can express these real feelings around others--or to God. So we put on a mask to hide our identity. Feelings of embarrassment and shame make us hide from the One who truly loves us. Brennan Manning encourages you to let go of this stressful,... Read More

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,...

Ephesians 2:22-24 You were taught, with regard to...

Read Passages

by Robert McGee
Learn to see your worth through God's eyes, countering four areas where we often fail to embrace our identity in Christ and instead fall into false belief: the performance trap, the approval addict, the blame game, and shame. This book (Read More