Know and engage one’s calling with the passions, spiritual gifts, experience, and resources God has provided

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  • Consistently asks God for guidance toward maximum impact for his kingdom
  • Can articulate one’s calling
  • Has one’s calling affirmed by their community
  • Makes sacrifices of time, energy and resources for the ministry God has given them

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 Core Training

These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this spiritual outcome. Track your progress by checking off resources as you go.


Bible Study

This bible study gives a holistic look through Scripture at the Ministry outcome. Engage thought provoking questions for individual reflection and then discuss them in your Life Group or Spiritual Running Partner relationships.



The entire arc of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, puts God’s plan on display. God is neither aloof nor uninvolved. Scripture reveals a sophisticated but simple plan that begins with the Garden of Eden, crescendos... Read More



In one of your Be the Body readings, you read…"The door is shut, the players are dressed, and the coach stands in the middle of the circled team. They know the game plan; they’ve studied it all week. With a bit more passion... Read More


Scripture Memory

Acts 1:8 (Jesus said) "But you will receive...

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s handiwork, created...

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These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this spiritual outcome.
by Gary Barkalow
Few spiritual concepts have fascinated and confused people more than understanding God’s calling for their life. Is it primarily about a job or a role? It is precise or general? Is a calling only reserved for those who work in professional ministry? The truth is actually amazingly profound: What we... Read More
by John Burke
The Action Guide includes 35 exercises to develop the attitudes and actions of Jesus in your own life and the life of your group. It is a companion the book, Unshockable Love (formerly Mud and the Masterpiece, by John Burke). Ministry is not something to know, it is something to do. This action guide... Read More
by Gateway Church
It was once said that “Incompetence may be the essential qualification for our participation in God’s work, because it keeps us humble and out of the way.” Consider your own incompetence for participating in God’s work. What scares you about engaging your calling? In what... Read More
by The Forgotten Ways
Take this ministry assessment, used as a profiling instrument, to assist you in finding your ministry style in relation to the philosophy of the fivefold ministry of Ephesians 4 (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, Teachers). It has emerged from 10 years of practical application... Read More
by John Burke
In this wrap-up to the 60/60 experiment (Soul Revolution), John Burke gives a challenge to continue connecting to God on a moment-by-moment basis, and to use our gifts wisely. This message will hopefully be a reminder of your own 60/60 experiences, as well as encouragement to continue to continue making... Read More
by Bill Hybels
What is the one aspect of this broken world that, when you see it, touch it, get near it, you just can't stand? Very likely, that firestorm of frustration reflects your holy discontent, a reality so troubling that you are thrust off the couch and into the game. Bill Hybels invites you to consider the... Read More
by John Burke
How do we live out the message of Jesus in today's ever-changing culture? The church is facing its greatest challenge---and its greatest opportunity---in our postmodern, post-Christian world. God is drawing thousands of spiritually curious 'imperfect people' to become his church---but how are we doing... Read More